Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Calculator (4225)
Calculated Industries ConcreteCalc Calculator (4225)
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Advanced Yard, Feet-Inch-Fraction
Concrete Construction-Math Calculator

The easy-to-use ConcreteCalc Pro helps reduce material waste, improve design accuracy and cut estimating time. Increase efficiency in the field or in the office with fast, accurate
solutions for Square-ups, Loads, Area, Volume, Rebar, Drop and Stairs. Find the number of Bags of Cement required for small jobs.

Enhanced Features and Built-in Functions Provide Problem Solving Benefits for:
  • Work in Yards, Feet-Inch-Fractions, Area, Volume, Weight and Loads
  • Automatic Square-ups and Drops
  • Rebar solutions including Inset and Weight
  • Complete Stair Layouts; set Riser Height and Tread Width
  • Equal sided Polygons
  • Blocks and Footings
  • Circles: Arc, Column, Cone, Much More!

Product Specifications - ConcreteCalc Pro Model 4225

Size: 5.7" x 3.0" x 0.65" (145mm x 76mm x 17mm)
Weight: 4.15 oz. (117.7 gm) Includes Case and Pocket Reference Guide
Power: One 3-volt (CR-2016) Long-life Battery
Display: 11 Digits* (7 normal, 4 fractions) with Full Annunciators
LCD Dimensions: 0.73" x 2.56" (19mm x 65mm)
Accuracy: 12 Digit Internal Accuracy
* Maximum Display: up to 19999999.99

Included with Every ConcreteCalc Pro:
Protective Slide Cover; Long-life Battery (One CR-2016); Quick Reference Guide and Pocket Reference Guides in English and Spanish.

Full One-Year Limited Warranty:
All Calculated Industries calculators and electronic tools are covered by a Full One-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The full text of each warranty is published in the documentation
accompanying each product and at Calculated Industries reserves the right to make changes in the materials and specifications of products without notice.