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Contex IQ FLEX 18"x24" Flatbed Scanner Bundle

Item#: CO001101
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Nextimage software is available in two different editions with different feature sets. Choose Nextimage SCAN + ARCHIVE for powerful and user-friendly scanning and archiving. For the full Nextimage experience, with complete multi-function capabilities plus touch-screen compatibility, choose Nextimage REPRO.
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Scanner includes a 2 year parts warranty. Upgrade to an Onsite Warranty for worry-free onsite service coverage provided by a certified technician.


  • Included Nextimage Scan+Archive
  • Included 2 Years Parts Warranty

Contex IQ FLEX 18"x24" Flatbed Scanner Bundle

Bundle Includes:

  • IQ Flex 18"x24" Flat Bed Scanner (CSIQFLEX)
  • Hardware Activation License
  • Nextimage Scan & Archive license (9691A608)
  • Two Year Parts Warranty

Contex IQ FLEX Delivers New and Unique Functionality to Large Format Flatbed Scanning

The large flatbed surface, a fast scan speed and ultra-flexible design makes IQ FLEX the perfect solution for the demanding user. Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize its flexibility to scan books, textiles, original artwork any many other types of original. IQ FLEX is the most flexible A2/C-size flatbed in the market and even scans larger documents up to A1/D-size using a clever Oversize scan function.

More details

The all new IQ FLEX takes an innovative approach to wide format flatbed scanning, focusing on you and how you work, while also pushing the boundaries of scanning technology.

More features

Easy to use yet incredibly flexible with options for oversize documents, scan to print and book scanning with page split and spine fold elimination.

The scanner comes complete with a built-in controller and touchscreen the size of a tablet PC. This enables you to operate, edit, annotate and mark-up right from the screen with no need for an extra PC.

More possibilities

Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize the flexibility to scan books, textiles and/or artwork you would like to transform into digital content.

More quality

Operate from the touch panel or install the Nextimage software and run it from a PC or simply use rainforest365. Scan to any PC via Ethernet or Wi-Fi with the revolutionary Contex LINK pc utility.


  • Batch scanning
  • Multi-page PDF, TIF files
  • TIF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A, DWF, CALS, BMP, JPEG-2000(JP2), JPEG2000 Extended(JPX), TIF-G3, TIF-G4, others
  • Automatic file naming templates
  • Customize/Edit index color palette
  • Accounting
  • Auto-rotate
  • Auto-align / deskew
  • Sharpen/Smoothen filter
  • Black/White level adjustment
  • RGB level adjustments
  • Histogram view
  • Measurement tool
  • TWAIN drive*



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