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AOS The VFile 34"x47"x12" Vertical File with 8 VFolder43 (VFile43)
Item#:  MS10916

Sale: $279.75
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Advanced Organizing Systems, Inc. "The VFile"

*Free ground shipping within the Continental United States.

For active or permanent storage. Individual vertical folders make retrieving and organizing documents easy. Sturdy, attractive corrugated cardboard with gray lettering. Narrow width saves floor space. Outside labeling. Interior partitions & rigid "VFolders" provide flat storage.


  • Efficient Vertical Storage Makes Retrieval and Reorganization of Documents Easy
  • Narrow Width Provides Compact Storage and Saves Valuable Floor Space
  • Labeling Allows Virtually Any Filing Method
  • Interior Partitions & Rigid File Folders (VFolders) Assure Documents Stay Flat and Vertical
  • Handholes on the VFolder37 allow easy retrieval of large format drawings
  • Sturdy, Attractive White Corrugated Cardboard with Deep Gray Lettering
  • Reinforced Bottom to Prevent Breakthrough
  • Ideal for Active Files or Permanent Storage
  • Documents are Stored for Less Cost and Space Than Conventional Storage Methods
  • includes 8 VFolder43's

Max capacity approximately 24 VFolder43's of 25 sheets each. Individual VFolder43's can hold in excess of 50 sheets.


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