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AOS The PrintGard 31"x3"x3" Print/Drawing Protector (PrintGard31)
Item#:  MS10962

Sale: $112.00
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Advanced Organizing Systems, Inc. "The PrintGard"

*Free ground shipping within the Continental United States.

The PrintGard is perfect for the architect, engineer, or anyone handling drawings. Sturdy black nylon fabric with outside label fastens automatically when rolled and protects drawings from sunlight. Spring clips accomodate single sheets or large sets of drawings. Attractive for presentation, durable and moisture resistant for outdoor use.


  • The PrintGard Drawing Protector is Constructed of Sturdy Nylon that Fastens Automatically When Rolled and Becomes an Intergal Part of the Rolled Drawing.
  • No Need for Rubber Bands or Other Fasteners.
  • Spring Clips Accomodate Single Sheets or Large Sets of Drawings.
  • End Flaps Hold Drawings Flat for Ease of View.
  • Easy to Carry and Store in Office or Vehicle.
  • Durable for Site and Attractive for Presentation.
  • Outside Label for Easy Identification.

For 30"x42" prints/drawings.

Dimensions: 31"Wx3"Dx3"H