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AOS The MailStor 43"x3"x3" Mailing and Storage Boxes 25/Ctn (MailStor43-3)
Item#:  MS10045

Sale: $125.75
Free ground shipping within the Continental U.S.*

Advanced Organizing Systems, Inc. "The MailStor"

*Free ground shipping within the Continental United States.

Attractive light weight white corrugated cardboard saves mailing costs. Durable self locking design is stackable with convenient label areas. Easy to Assemble.


  • Durable Attractive White Corrugated Cardboard with Gray Lettering
  • Self Locking Closure
  • Designed for Quick Assembly
  • Stackable for Storage with Label Area on End for Easy Identification
  • Designed for Easy Retrieval of Documents
  • Light-Weight to Save Mailing Costs

Shipped flat - 25 per carton.

Dimensions: 3"x3"x43"