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Mactac StreetTRAX 13.5mil White Film with Clear Grit Coating and Aggressive PSA 54"x100' 1 Roll (STX1528V2PW54L100)
Item#:  MT01812

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Mactac IMAGin StreetTRAX 13.5mil Outdoor Stabilized White Film with Clear Grit Coating and Aggressive Permanent PSA 54"x100' on 3" Core 1 Roll (STX1528V2PW54L100)

Free ground shipping within the Continental U.S.*

STX1528 is a 13.5 mil, non-skid, printable, clear grit coated outdoor stabilized white, non-PVC, film. This product is designed to produce outdoor sidewalk and parking lot 'floor' graphics. The product is coated on one side with 2 mils of an aggressive, permanent, pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds extremely well to flat or slightly rough surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Do not apply to smooth, sealed concrete unless a permanent bond is desired. STX1528 is supplied with a 90# polycoated release liner for excellent stability through the printing process. The face is designed for excellent printability with Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex, UV-Gel and UV-cured inkjet printers.

StreetTRAX requires no lamination as it is inherently slip resistant due to the extreme texture on the printable surface. StreetTRAX passes the newest international specification, B101.1 for wet Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) and B101.3 for wet Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) specification established by NFSI and ANSI.

Printer Compatibility

  • Latex
  • Solvent/Eco-Solvent
  • UV Curable


  • Retails Stores
  • Schools
  • Fairs
  • Convention Centers
  • Sports Arenas
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Private Businesses
  • Marathons
  • Parades
  • Plant Safety Messages
  • Way Finding Directions
  • Sporting Events

StreetTRAX is also great for indoor concrete surfaces like support pillars and smooth to slightly rough concrete or cinder block walls or those tough to adhere to applications like the low surface energy plastics used in polyethylene trash and storage bins.

Physical Properties

PropertyTypical ValuesTest Method
Thickness mil (mm)
Face Stock + Grit + Adhesive13.5mil (0.35)PSTC-133
Liner5.7mil (0.14)PSTC-133
Peel Adhesion lb./in. (N/25 mm)
180° on Stainless Steel 15min.7.5 (33)PSTC-101 (CTM-25)
180° on Stainless Steel 24hr.11.0 (48)PSTC-101 (CTM-25)
Shear Hours to Fail
Stainless Steel - 1/2" x 1/2" x 1000g @ 72°F2PSTC-107
Dimensional Stability, inches (mm)
48 hours @ 158°Fmax 0.5Mactac CTM-21 Bonded to aluminum
Probe Tack lb. /in2 (N/25mm)
Stainless Steel1.1PSTC-3
Surface Burning Characteristics (Meets ANSI, NFPA, and IFC as class A)
Flame Spread10ASTM E84-01 or ANSI/NFPA 255 or IFC 8-1
Smoke Density25ASTM E84-01 or ANSI/NFPA 255 or IFC 8-1
Temperature Range
Minimum Application50°F (+10°C) 
End Use-20°F to 220°F (-28°C to 104°C) 
Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) *
DCOF Wet0.59 (pass)ANSI /NFSI B101.3
SCOF Wet0.71 (pass)ANSI /NFSI B101.1


  1. The durability of a completed StreetTRAX floor graphic is from 1 month up to 1 year for pedestrian traffic and maybe up to 1 week for light vehicular traffic on smooth to slightly rough surfaces.
  2. The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 2 years on vertical surfaces.
  3. Indoor durability on vertical surfaces is 5 years.
  4. Our goal in developing these is that the ink wears down before the product (top down wear).

Shelf Life

2 years from D.O.M. when stored at 60/77°F (15/25°C) and 50% relative humidity in the original package.


  1. To remove; lift one edge, you may need a putty knife to get an edge started, and pull using short, quick tugs. Keep the angle low, (less than 45°) for best results.
  2. Removal is much easier when done in the cool early morning hours. Do not use heat to assist in removal as heat will actually increase the bond of this adhesive.
  3. If any residual adhesive residue is present after removal of the graphic, Citrus or solvent based-adhesive removers will clean the residue.