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Mactac StreetRAP 4mil Matte Opaque White PVC Film with Aggressive Permanent PSA 54"x100' on 3" Core 1 Roll (STR328L100)
Item#:  MT01802

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Mactac IMAGin StreetRAP 4mil Matte Opaque White PVC Film with Aggressive Permanent PSA 54"x100' on 3" Core 1 Roll (STR328L100)

Free ground shipping within the Continental U.S.*

STR328 is a 4.0 mil matte opaque white, PVC film designed for the production of outdoor sidewalk and parking lot 'floor' graphics. The product is coated on one side with a 3-mil thick, aggressive, permanent, blended acrylic/rubber pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds well to flat or slightly rough, pedestrian traffic surfaces like concrete and asphalt (unsealed floors and walls only). The adhesive is protected with a 90# polycoated 2-side SuperFlat™ liner. The film face is designed for excellent printability with solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-cured inkjet printers and is also printable with UV or solvent screen inks*. StreetRAP used as an exterior floor graphic must be laminated with Permacolor® PF6600, a 6-mil textured PVC overlaminating film which exceeds ANSI/NFSI B101.3 and B101.1 specification for a "High Traction" surface.

Printer Compatibility

  • Latex
  • Solvent/Eco-Solvent
  • UV Curable


  • Retails Stores
  • Schools
  • Fairs
  • Convention Centers
  • Sports Arenas
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Private Businesses
  • Marathons
  • Parades
  • Plant Safety Messages
  • Way Finding Directions
  • Sporting Events

StreetRAP combined with standard 2- to 3-mil overlaminating films is great for vertical indoor concrete surfaces like support pillars and smooth to slightly rough concrete or cinder block walls or those tough to adhere to applications like the low surface energy plastics used in polyethylene trash and storage bins.

Physical Properties

PropertyTypical ValuesTest Method
Face Stock Gauge4mil 
Adhesive3mil Aggressive Permanent 
Liner90# SuperFlat 
Quick Tack lb. /in2 (N/25mm)
Stainless Steel7.5 (33)PSTC-3
Peel Adhesion lb./in. (N/25 mm)
180° on Stainless Steel 30 min.7.0 (30)PSTC-1 (CTM-25)
180° on Stainless Steel 24 hr.8.0 (35)PSTC-1 (CTM-25)
Shear, Hours to fail
Stainless steel - 5# weight @ 72°F200+PSTC-7
Dimensional Stability, inches (mm)
48 hours @ 158°Fmax 0.5Mactac CTM-21 Bonded to aluminum
Temperature Range
Minimum Application50°F (+10°C) 
End Use32°F to 225°F (0°C to 107°C) 
Surface Burning Characteristics (Meets ANSI, NFPA, and IFC as class A)
Flame Spread10ASTM E84-01 or ANSI/NFPA 255 or IFC 8-1
Smoke Density25ASTM E84-01 or ANSI/NFPA 255 or IFC 8-1

Recommended Overlaminates for Usage on Floors

Overlaminates are critical to the success of a floor graphic. They protect and seal the image while offering excellent slip resistance for the creation of a safe walking surface. These laminating films can be applied over most properly printed and cured inkjet and screen printed images. Extra wet-out time may be required on some images to reduce silvering and build to a strong bond prior to rolling for shipment.

  • Permacolor PermaFlex® IP6200, a 5-mil textured polycarbonate film, has superior abrasion resistance for high foot traffic applications and long-term installations. IP6200 is for indoor use only with a durability of up to three years.
  • Permacolor PermaFlex® PF6300, a 5-mil textured vinyl with good abrasion resistance, designed for medium-term applications, one to three years indoors, depending on foot traffic.
  • Permacolor PermaFlex® PF6400, a 3.75-mil extremely economical textured polyolefin for very short term, indoor only, application of up to 30 days with light foot traffic.
  • Permacolor PermaFlex® PF6600, a 6-mil medium term textured vinyl with high Traction rating according to ANSI/NFSI B101.3 and B101.1. PF6600 is also the laminate to use inside if wet conditions are expected.