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Rotatrim Pro Series 24" Rotary Trimmer Pro24 (60130)
Item#:  RM10010

Sale: $319.50
Free ground shipping within the Continental U.S.*

Rotatrim Pro Series 24" Rotary Trimmer Pro24 (60130)

Trimmers ship from Virginia. Allow 5-7 business days for delivery to the West Coast.

*Free ground shipping within the Continental United States.

Originally designed with the photographer in mind, the heavy-duty use Rotatrim Pro Series has proven its durability and worth as an all-day, everyday use trimmer in a variety of industries. The Pro Series has been used to cut offset printing plates, packaging materials, polyethylene and even mount board- as well as for office finishing products.

The Rotatrim Pro Series is perfect for heavy-use cutting and trimming of flexible materials:

  • Solid one inch thick baseboard and 1/12 inch edging strip provides extra stability and long durability
  • Dual stainless steel guide rails eliminate cutting head swivel while delivering a smooth gliding action
  • Self-sharpening, absolute precision steel blades
  • All-metal end frames and head, and an aluminum square side rule
  • Cross hair paper size markers
  • Up to 3mm cut capacity